Dog Food & Yeast Infections

How does dog food promote or inhibit a yeast infections in dogs? Yeast infections in dogs are not contagious, they are caused by a systemic imbalance. The food you feed your dog has a direct relationship with his body functions. We’ve all heard you are what you eat, right? Your dog is no different. The food and ingredients you feed your dog will effect his system. ┬áSome dog food will change your dog’s system to one that is friendly to yeast.

Carbohydrates and Yeast

Carbohydrate rich dog food can make your dogs system yeast friendly. Your dogs blood, skin and digestive juices turn into the perfect place for yeast to thrive when fed high carbohydrate dog food. This is not good.

The Problem With Kibble

Dog food kibble is made in a process called heat extrusion. An extruder is a large pipe that contains an auger. The dog food ingredients are fed in one end. High pressured, high temperature steam is piped into the unit. This super cooks the ingredients.

On the other end is a die with a cutting blade that rotates at a set speed. This die is what determines the shape of the dog food.

The dog food mix is under such intense heat and pressure that it gelatinizes the starches. It comes out the other side, kind of like a “play dough” factory. The blade cuts the mixture. The mix is under so much pressure that when it exits it swells up and the steam dissipates and the gelatinized starches form and hold together the kibble.

The problem is it takes a large percentage of carbohydrates to form and maintain the integrity of the kibble. Some dog foods are 40%-70+% carbohydrates! Remember excessive carbohydrates in a dog’s diet can promote yeast infections by changing your dog’s system to “yeast friendly”. Carbohydrates feed the yeast and encourage yeast infections.

 Starve the Yeast

Starve out the yeast by eliminating carbohydrates from your dog’s food. The best way to accomplish this is y feeding a homemade dog food recipe that does not contain carbohydrates. I call these dog food recipes “yeast starvation dog food recipes“. Click here to view the dog food recipe.



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